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Q: Why do my lights dim or brighten periodically?

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Q: Why do my lights dim or brighten periodically?

How Larger Loads Affect Your Service

Larger loads, like A/C units can cause a brief "dimming" of lights. Most often this is caused by an excessive load on the service, resulting in a voltage drop. It may be remedied by simply installing a "hard start" capacitor on your A/C unit. However, In some cases your A/C may need servicing or even replacement. Often times these problems can even be caused by loose connections in your electrical service equipment or wiring. If the condition is severe, it may require an upgrade to your service; it simply may be too small for the load it now serves.

Proper Grounding Systems

Proper grounding is crucial to your home or office electrical system. A grounding System is the pathway to the earth for ground fault currents, and the ID point for the neutral conductor. If you do not have a proper grounding system, your electrical system may experience serious problems. Occasionally this will result in dimming lights, and even lights that mysteriously get brighter.

The Solution

If your lights are dimming or getting brighter, you need to have a professional electrician inspect your electrical system. It may be something minor like a loose connection or something bigger, like a loose connection at the utility companies transformer.

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