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Q: How do I install a light fixture?

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Q: How do I install a light fixture?

Removal of Original Light Fixture

  1. Turn off all power in the house.
  2. Turn off the light switch.
  3. Remove lens or glass shades.
  4. Take out existing light bulbs.
  5. Remove the canopy nut if present, if not remove the two screws holding the fixture base in place.
  6. Remove the wire connections

Installing the New Fixture

  1. Unpack the fixture and read all directions.
  2. Assemble the frame or base.
  3. Attach fixture strap if available to outlet box.
  4. Attach wire connectors.
  5. Attach fixture to box or strap.
  6. Install light bulbs with the recommended wattage.
  7. Install new lens or glass shade.
  8. Turn on power to house. Turn on switch.

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